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Utility Vegetation Management

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Utility ROW Herbicide Services

ChemPro Services specializes in Herbicide Services specific to the utility sector. By their nature, utility ROWs (Right Of Ways) transect natural areas, roadways, and private property. These areas require routine maintenance to ensure safe passage and easy access. To meet these goals, one of the most economical maintenance practices is herbicide application. Applying herbicides to ROW areas can be done in numerous ways. ChemPro Services offers its services based on what is best for the specific customer.

  • -Mid-high volume broadcast applications
  • -Low volume backpack applications
  • -Basal applications
  • -Kudzu control and Vine-pole treatments
  • -TGR's (Tree Growth Regulators)

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Benefits of ROW Vegetation Management

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Benefits of Custom Blending Technology

ChemPro Services Utility Customers
  • -Plants and Various Industrial Sites
  • -Electical Cooperatives and Municipal Utilities
  • -Oil & Gas Producers and Pipelines
  • -Federal Lands, State Lands, and Military Installations
  • -State DOTs and County Road Systems
  • -Ports, Railroads and Transit Authorities
  • -Storage Areas, Laydown Yards, and Salvage Facilities
  • -Municipalities, Cities, Towns, and Districts
  • -Sustainable Energy Sites - Solar, Wind, and Hydro
Man spraying industrial site and stacked pipes