Industrial Site
Industrial Site

Industrial Weed Control

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Industrial Weed Control, referred to as “Bare Ground Weed Control” is most often utilized in areas where mechanical cutting services are not the most practical for a complete maintenance solution, such as:

  • -Electric Substations
  • -Plant Sites
  • -Tank Batteries
  • -Laydown Yards
  • -Storage Areas
  • -Salvage Yards
  • -Oil and Gas Locations
  • -Railroad Tracks
  • -Sewer Lift Stations
  • -Water Tower Sites
  • -Telecommunication Sites
  • -Pipeline Valve Sites
  • -Parking Lots
  • -Fence Lines
  • -Gravel Roads
  • -Building Perimeters
  • -Solar Farms & Hydroelectric Sites
  • -Miscellaneous Areas
Man spraying industrial site and stacked pipes
ChemPro Services Industrial Customers
  • -Plants and Industrial Sites
  • -Electical Cooperatives and Municipal Utilities
  • -Oil and Gas Producers and Pipelines
  • -Federal Lands, State Lands, and Military Installations
  • -State DOTs and County Road Systems
  • -Ports, Railroads and Transit Authorities
  • -Storage Areas, Laydown Yards, and Salvage Facilities
  • -Municipalities, Cities, Towns, and Districts
  • -Sustainable Energy Sites - Solar, Wind, and Hydro
Man spraying industrial site and stacked pipes