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ChemPro Services is a vegetation management company that serves many sectors of our economy—including Energy, Utility, Industry, Government, and Agriculture. Our approach to controlling vegetation is to utilize a wide range of unique services tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

ChemPro has a proven history of providing solutions for a broad range of vegetation issues to a vast service territory. With office locations in South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida, our workgroups are licensed to serve 19 states from the Midwest to the East Coast, along the Gulf Coast, and as far west as Texas. Whether you have a single location or a collection of assets over multiple states, ChemPro can provide a service plan that meets your needs.

Founded in 2004, ChemPro Services endeavors to provide a complete range of services in developing strategies for the customer’s specific needs. We’ve spent more than 18 years recruiting a skilled workforce, building a strong customer base, and developing high quality standards. Our staff of dedicated, highly experienced experts utilize the highest quality products in the industry. ChemPro has a proven track record, and we’re optimistic about our industry and our company.

In addition, ChemPro is an active participant in numerous industry related organizations. This ongoing involvement fosters a culture of continuing education and enrichment.

Utilizing herbicides is a practical and necessary solution for vegetation management, and is more efficient than expensive maintenance practices that might otherwise negatively affect our economy. The first step is proper planning. Contact us today for help with your Vegetation Management plan!

“ChemPro Services combines chemistry and experience to do a safer, better job.”

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ChemPro Services is committed to SAFETY. Our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers. ChemPro personnel spend many hours each month in training on relevant safety topics. We work closely with our customers to understand and adhere to their individual safety requirements. We also work with several third-party safety and compliance companies.

ChemPro has a track record of
ZERO accidents,
ZERO incidents and
ZERO lost time.