Qualifying Experience . .

ChemPro Services has been managing vegetation in the Southeast for over eighteen years. The combined experience and operational knowledge of our highly skilled workforce have placed ChemPro at the top of our industry. Partnering with our company will build confidence, cultivate high standards, and produce quality results.

Safety Focus . . .

Safety is our highest priority. We understand that we are a working partner and that others are affected by our actions—and that safe work practices are the key to building trust in our partnerships. Thus, we focus on “Loss Prevention Self Assessments” as a countermeasure to unsafe environments. We strive to prevent risks by routinely asking: What can happen? How will this affect my peers? How will this affect our customer? and What can I do now to mitigate risks? Additionally, ChemPro conducts regular safety meetings to review our efforts.

Environmental Respect . . .

ChemPro Services shares the perspective of responsibility in regard to our environment. As Vegetation Managers, we always choose the least invasive methods when evaluating vegetation control issues. Several members of our team serve on various committees and associations in our peer group, thus ensuring that we are current on environmental issues. By utilizing ChemPro Services, clients are informed on industry news and stay ahead of environmental problems.

Quality Equipment & Reliability . . .

Our mainstay, in principle and in practice, is to “have the right tool for the job.” We believe in quality, reliable equipment—and that having properly maintained equipment and a clean workspace is the cornerstone to a safe working environment. The fact is, we are proud of the equipment and infrastructure that we provide our work groups. We impress upon our team that there is always time to do a job the right way. Our commitment to you, the customer, is to provide the best team with the best equipment, so they can do the best work.

Utilization of Modern Technology . . .

Most companies use modern technology when it is economically feasible—or when it becomes standardized in their industry. But ChemPro Services, as a practice, utilizes the newest available technologies. These include new chemical formulations, GPS guided spray equipment, flow controlling computers, various mapping technologies, communication/file-sharing applications, and accounting software.

Key Personnel . . .

Our Operational Workgroups, Sales Team, and Management Team include well-educated, degreed professionals. Over 75 percent of our team members have a Bachelor’s (or higher) degree in relevant fields of study from the region’s best and most decorated universities. With backgrounds in Agronomy, Horticulture, Herbicide Technology, Agriculture Information Sciences, Wildlife Management, and Environmental Science, the ChemPro team is passionate about our craft.